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Dolphins As Paragon

delphinelinksdelphinerechtsDolphins, together with whales, belong to the most developed animal species living on our beautiful earth. They might even be more developed than humans. Anyway, dolphins possess some remarkable abilities suited to bring us into a thoughtful mood:


  • Dolphins are highly intelligent. They are able to imitate our behaviour and speech, and they may communicate with humans in a very direct way
  • Dolphins possess a sonar system neither completely understood by scientists nor reached in its efficiency by technical means
  • Dolphins are able to form rings of air bubbles whose stability cannot be explained by means of known physical models
  • Dolphins have a marked sense of family. They are very peaceful and gentle. According to Plutarch, nature only granted dolphins what the best philosophers are striving for: Friendship without self-interest
  • Dolphins continuously live in harmony with each other and with nature
  • Dolphins might possibly show us a way to escape the ecological and sociaological crisis by imitating their characteristics and behaviours

In the sense of the gentle and natural harmony of dolphins, I would like to help reestablishing the lost balance between nature and humans (and between ecology and economics) with my efforts. It is my endeavor to cooperate with nature instead of working against her. I intentionally donĀ“t use gene technology. I am rather using my creativity and spirit to find intelligent processes enlarging the efficiency of the complex micro-organism "Sugary Kefir". I am aware of the fact that this fascinating organism is a loan of nature. I would like to derive mass products from its biopolymer suited to noticeably relieve the ecosystems.

"Waste water" produced along with the production of kefir grains may e. g. be used as high quality cattle feed opening the possibility to implement an almost closed production circle.