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Fitness Drink

I succeeded in developing the production process for the classical beverage "Sugary Kefir" to market readiness (laboratory scale) and am now looking for co-operation partners willing to perform scale-up and subsequent marketing of the beverage with me as their partner.
Even though the properties traditionally assigned to Sugary Kefir, like longevity and promotion of health, could hitherto not be verified on a scientific basis, I strongly believe that the markets would readily assimilate an industrially produced "Sugary Kefir" just because of the general assignment oft the above mentioned properties with this beverage.

To my knowledge this is the first process worldwide leading to the production of an almost market-ready beverage "Sugary Kefir" based on the traditional, original, recipe possessing the following properties:


  • Fruity taste, similar to the French "Cidre"

  • Alcohol-free (< 0.5% ethanol)

  • Sparkling through native carbon dioxide, without amendment of carbon dioxide

  • Contains about 1 billion of living, most likely probiotic, microorganisms per ml

  • Shelf life without cooling at least 6 days, longer with cooling