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Basic Technology

wasserfallgrA process for biopolymer production based on natural waste materials was developed. Thus, no primary raw materials (food stuffs) are needed. In addition, raw material costs are very low – summing up to only 0.30 € per kg of raw polymer. This means that conventional products (plastics, papers) may be substituted even with regard to prices.

Polymer growth is 350% within 2 days, according to the process.

In addition to raw material costs, the overall process is cheap, since – in contrast to many other well known biotechnological processes – no oxygen control or stirring is required.
Due to their large size (see figure below), the polymer grains may easily be harvested from the fermentation liquid by mechanical methods (sieving).



The following products may be derived from polymer grains (see figure left):

  • bioplastics: the polymer exhibits thermoplastic properties per se
  • paper substitutes: the polymer may be turned into transparent or opaque, printable foils
  • depot fertilizers: the polymer has a water holding capacity of 700%, as compared to its dry weight

The fermented liquid ("fermentation broth") shows strong antibiotic effects, even against multi-resistant bacteria.

A beverage may be fermented according to classical recipies described at many sites on the Internet.